headshot of a smiling white woman wearing bright blue with a white head covering, in front of vines

Hi! I'm Mackenzie.

You need a website, right? I've been making websites since I was a little girl. (Don't let the looks fool you!) I could list off all the programming languages and graphics programs I've worked with, but that's not what you care about, is it?

In my career as a full-time software engineer, I've worked for companies as large and well-known as Cisco and The Washington Post. Your phone might even already have some of my code on it.

The thing you really want to know is whether I can build a site that shows people the value of what you have to offer.

In late 2018, I put together a website for a new church that was starting up, in a city that already had more churches per capita than anywhere else in the country. Oversaturated market, right?

The church got so much interest, the grand opening happened 2 months early!

What's with the name "Multithread Studios"?

On top of being a computer geek, I'm a calligrapher and a textile artist. I use thread (and yarn) in my textile work, but computers use threads too! "Multithreading" is a term related to how computers multitask.