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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital FAQs

Are you familiar with web accessibility?

Yes. I am familiar with and care about the basics of web accessibility.

Are there any industries you won’t work with?

For religious reasons, I won’t work with defense-related enterprises. For reasons of “I have a day job, and this would be a conflict of interest,” I won’t work with news-related organizations.

Calligraphy FAQs

What’s a Quaker marriage certificate?

In the early days of Quakerism, only marriage in the Church of England was legal, and cohabitating was not. Consequently, Quakers needed a way to prove they were not unlawfully cohabitating to avoid arrest, and so the tradition became that every person present at the wedding would sign as a witness to the union. Back then, marriage certificates were unadorned black text—a typical legal document.

Today, Quaker weddings are legally recognized, and we get state-issued marriage licenses like everyone else. The tradition remains. Quakers no longer have a prohibition on art (or music…or dancing…), and many Quakers choose to have ornate and artistic marriage certificates hanging in their homes.

How did you get started making Quaker marriage certificates?

I made friends with a local Quaker over the Internet. She blogged about needing someone to do the calligraphy for her marriage certificate. Next thing I knew, I was that someone. I actually ended up going to the wedding, and well, long story short? We’re in-laws now.

Will you make a marriage certificate for a same gender wedding?

Yes, I would be more than happy to make a marriage certificate for a same gender wedding. It wouldn’t be the first. (It’d just be the first since I got a good enough camera for taking portfolio shots!)