Waiting on my studio

You see that “s” at the end of Multithread Studios”? I do web design and make tangible art, so two studios, right? Makes sense. I’ve been short a studio for a while, though. When water started pooling in the basement, I had to pack everything up into the attic and call a waterproofer. I haven’t been able to reach my calligraphy supplies all year. I definitely haven’t been able to sit down at the loom and weave towels or even reach any of the yarn. All I’ve managed textile-wise is to hand sew a 15th century Spanish outfit for my spouse.

We’re getting there, though. The waterproofing is done, and we’re just about ready to have the drywall fixed up. Then I get to rebuild my studio with all the features I want. The awkwardly large built-in closets are gone. The weird partition wall that always got in the way is gone. I’m going to have cabinets and a long countertop. I’m getting excited.

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