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Adelphi Friends Meeting

Adelphi Friends Meeting is a Quaker congregation in suburban Maryland. This new website was launched just in time to advertise for the annual strawberry festival, hosted to raise money for charity. It includes a complete overhaul of the design, a switch to WordPress, and the introduction of branding.

User Experience

The primary needs expressed for the new website were around user experience. The site needed to welcome newcomers and help them understand what to expect. It also needed to make it easy for the regulars to see what was going on and take steps to get more involved.

Because the organization is volunteer-run, it needs more transparency than some other organizations. For instance, that means the full calendar of space rentals needs to be accessible to the entire congregation, even if it’s not visible on the front page.


Adelphi Friends Meeting had no logo, colors, or other branding elements going into this website redesign.¬†Adelphi Friends Meeting’s meetinghouse is red brick, so this was carried through in the coloring on the website.

Because Quakers have traditionally shied away from images in religion, a wordmark was chosen over an image-based logo. The logo font is based on the same 17th century typefaces in which early Quaker tracts were printed, showing a continuation of tradition. This font is also used in headings on the website. Meanwhile, the body text uses a modern font of the same serif style.

A condensed version of the logo was also created for use in social media profile images.

Responsive Layout  

In an era of smartphones and tablets, it’s important that websites respond appropriately to different devices. Redesigning for mobile was one of the primary goals of this undertaking.