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Solomon's Porch: A Friends Church

Solomon’s Porch is a new church starting in Jonesboro, Arkansas in spring 2019. It follows loosely in the Quaker tradition and is only the second LGBTQ-affirming church in the region.


As a brand new church, Solomon’s Porch needed to start with branding from the ground up. The pastor talked about the “good fruit” that comes with LGBTQ-affirming theology, wanting to grow spiritually, and wanting to keep Christ at the center. He also likes blue.

We talked about designs that include a cross in the negative space of the design, and this was the result. Four leaves in the bright green of new growth, symbolizing the good tree that bears good fruit, create a cross shape at the center. 

Two versions of the logo were created. One is an icon alone, good for use in social media avatars and for the website icon. The other is the long-form, with the full name of the church, good for letterhead and the website banner. This uses a shade of blue that complements the bright green. The font was selected to convey a sense of modernity, to project that this church is moving forward, not stuck in the past.

Monochrome versions of the logos were also created, good for stamping on graphics, flyers, etc. where the colors of the logo could clash. Those will also be useful when single-color print-jobs are called for.

Responsive Design  

In an era of smartphones and tablets, it’s important that websites respond appropriately to different devices. We wanted everyone who visits the website to have a pleasant experience.