You need a website that brings people through your door.

We build great websites.


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If people think Quakers are dead or Amish, they don’t give us a chance.

We’ve all been asked those questions. We know how common the confusion is

How many people miss out on what Quakers have to offer because they don’t know Quakers are who they’re looking for?

Your Quaker meeting's website could be doing more.

Gain awareness

People have to know what's so special about Friends to know we're what they're looking for.

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Connect with more people

Your meeting thrives on its connection to your local community.

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With so many options for what to do on Sunday morning, you need to stand out if you're going to grow.

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We've been building websites since the '90s.

Those were some ugly websites.

Today, we care deeply about design and web accessibility.

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Here's the deal


1. Get started: Click the button to fill out a form letting us know what you need.

2. Strategize: We put our heads together to design the great website that best represents you.

3. Launch: We launch your new website to the public, so you can start seeing growth.

We Googled for LGBT-friendly Quaker meetings near DC. The first site we landed on was so outdated, we weren't sure they still existed. You have a great website!

visitors to Adelphi Friends Meeting in Maryland

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Adelphi Friends Meeting logo

Getting people to connect to your organization is tough, especially when they don't even know what you offer. At Multithread Studios, we build great websites, so you can draw more people to your Quaker meeting and grow.